Virgin Mojito Recipe

Make Virgin mojito at Home

Virgin Mojito a refreshing mocktail is a perfect blend of mint leaves and lemon. A great summer drink. Non – alcoholic and easy to make drink for summer.


1 bottle soda(desired flavour).
6 tbsp sugar syrup.
1 tsp peppermint.
10 Lemon wedges(small).
Pinch of salt.
15-20 mint leaves.
Ice cubes.
2 ring lemon.


1. Cut lemon into small lemon wedges.
2. In a glass/mason jar add sugar syrup, peppermint, lemon wedges, salt, mint leaves and crush everything well.
3. Add crushed ice cubes and pour soda(desired flavour).
4. Mix well using straw or spoon.
5. Top with lemon ring and serve chilled.