Tandoori Coffee Recipe

How to make Tandoori coffee at home

Tandoori coffee a complete
different coffee then a regular one. This coffee has a unique taste of clay pot. The hot coffee is poured over hot clay pot and makes it even more pleasant.


1 cup milk.
1 tbsp coffee powder.
2 tsp sugar.
1 tbsp luke warm water.
1 clay pot.


1. In a cup add coffee powder and luke warm water and mix well.
2. In a vessel add milk and let it boil.
3. As milk get boiled add sugar in it and cook for 5 mins.
4. Add coffee mixture and mix well and let coffe boil.
5. Heat the washed and dried clay pot over low heat for 5-8 mins.
6. Turn the flame high for last 2 mins and place the clay pot on the vessel.
7. Pour the hot coffee over the clay pot and let the coffee boil on it.
8. Serve the hot coffee in kulhad.
9. Sprinkle the coffee powder on the top and serve hot.