Schezwan Maggi Recipe

Make Schezwan Maggi at home

Schezwan maggi is one of the popular street food of Mumbai. This hot and spicy maggi is easy to make and it comes out very tasty.


2 packs maggi (with tastemaker).
4 pieces chopped garlic.
1 small sliced onion.
1 small sliced capsicum.
1 tbsp oil.
2 cups water.
Red chilli powder.
2 tsp dark soya sauce.
1 tbsp red chilli sauce.
1 tbsp tomato sauce.
2 tbsp schezwan sauce.
1 cube cheese.


1. In a pan heat oil and add garlic and saute it for a min.
2. Add sliced onion and capsicum and saute for 2-3 mins till it becomes crunchy.
3. Add 2 cups of water, maggi tastemaker, red chilli powder, salt, dark soya sauce, red chilli sauce, tomato sauce, schezwan sauce and mix well.
4. Add maggi and let it boil on high flame.
5. After one boil stir it well and let it cook for 4-5 mins on medium flame.
6. After 4-5 mins stir continuously on high flame for 1-2 mins.
7. Add cheese and mix well.
8. Serve it and top it with some more cheese.