Corn Cheese Sandwich

Cheese Corn Veg Sandwich

Corn cheese sandwich a delicious one among all sandwiches. It is prepared using cheese, mayonnaise and vegetables. This recipe is loaded with cheese. Its an excellent snack or breakfast to have.


White bread slices.
1/4 cup mayonnaise.
2 cheese cubes.
2 tbsp onion.
1/4 cup capsicum.
1/4 cup red bell pepper.
1/4 cup yellow bell pepper.
200 gms boiled sweet corn.
1 green chilli.
Black pepper powder.
Cheese slices.
3 tbsp Butter.


1. In a pan heat butter and add onion, capsicum, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, boiled sweet corn and saute till it becomes crunchy(3-4 mins).
2. Transfer in a bowl and let it cool down a bit.
3. Add cheese, mayonnaise, salt , black pepper powder, green chilli and mix well.
4. Apply butter in bread slices and spread the mixture over it.
5. Add one cheese slice and cover with another bread.
6. Toast both sides till brown using butter.
7. Serve hot and enjoy.