Chocolate Pops Recipe

Super delicious and super easy cake pops recipe using leftover chocolate cake. It’s tastes super good. It’s moist and soft from inside and hard layer of Chocolate outside. A must try recipe.


  • leftover chocolate cake.
  • 1.5 tbsp honey.
  • Melted milk chocolate.
  • Colourful sprinkles.
  • Golden sprinkles.


  1. In a mixer jar add roughly break leftover chocolate cake.
  2. Grind it till it turns crumbly in texture.
  3. In a bowl add crumble cake and add honey and mix well.
  4. Once cake turn soft and moist make balls out of it.
  5. Take skewers and dip it in melted chocolate and insert it at the bottom of the cake.
  6. Leave it for a min to let the chocolate get dry.
  7. Dip the cake balls in the melted chocolate.
  8. Add sprinkles on top and leave it for 5 mins to let the chocolate hardens.